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Need anticoagulant Low thrombogenic* Low thrombogenic
Durable for life Durable for life* Limited lifetime
Noisy Low acoustic signature* Inaudible


  • Unique anatomic tri-leaflet design

  • New high-performance biocompatible material

*as demonstrated during in-vitro and in-vivo studies




Unique features combined in a single valve

Low thrombogenic 

As a result of its unique physiological operating mode, the Triflo valve is expected to prevent the flow-induced mechanisms leading to thromboembolism observed on existing mechanical valves.

Experimental, numerical and animal testing demonstrates that the valve physiologically operates like a native human heart valve: it does not produce high velocity backflow jets, does not elicit an haemostatic response and thus is expected to function without anticoagulation therapy.

Durable for the expected patient lifetime

The Triflo valve is made of high-performance biocompatible materials with outstanding wear and fatigue resistance able to withstand the high cardiac cycles. 

Unlike tissue valves, which have limited durability, especially with young patients, the valve is structurally designed to last a lifetime for patients of any age, thereby avoiding the risk of a re-operation.

Remarkably noiseless

Due to its specific design, the Triflo valve functions like a native valve and closes smoothly and silently* at zero flow, eliminating the “click” perceived by some patients with current mechanical valves.

In addition, the leaflets are made of a new high-performance polymer that replaces traditional carbon ceramic material and reduces acoustically transmitted sound waves.

*as demonstrated during in vivo studies

Outstanding hemodynamics

With its central flow tri-leaflet design, the Triflo valve demonstrates superior hemodynamic performances, including for small sizes.

Its unique design permits unimpeded leaflet opening and optimal blood flow with low shear stress and turbulence through the pivot areas.

Ease of implantation for traditional surgeries

The Triflo valve is implanted through well established open-heart surgical procedures performed with excellent long-term outcomes. 

During in-vivo testing, cardiac surgeons found the valve easy and pleasant to implant

Like current surgical valves, it could also be implanted through minimally invasive heart valve surgery. 

Designed for patients of any age for the aortic and mitral applications

The Triflo valve is manufactured in a wide range of sizes without sacrificing hemodynamic efficiency in order to be suitable for all patients, including children:

  • aortic valves: from size 15 mm to 27 mm
  • mitral valves: from size 25 mm to 33 mm

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