Message from a patient

“Dear Novostia team,

Thank  you very much for kindly reviewing my case. I really appreciate it. As you say, I cannot wait for the valve that you are developing, but in the name of all patients in my age group suffering from an aortic bicuspid valve, I would like to thank you very much for your technical development.

You see, when seen from a young person's perspective (i.e. my own), it appears that most of the solutions on the market were designed with older patients in mind. I think your development is a fantastic idea, that will save many lives going forward.

You see, I am a researcher by profession (though in economics), which has led me to read a lot of material in pub med, and that made me realize that solutions offered to my age group are not without major drawbacks.

Please let me know how I can help your cause in any other way, as I personally think that the solution you are developing is very promising.

Thank you very much again.”

Tom W.